Artificial Intelligence, Real Controversy

Those who first encountered robotics through Isaac Asimov’s stories may be delighted at recent technological advances regarding artificial intelligence. Those whose first encounter was “The Matrix” or “Terminator” might not be so thrilled. After all, what would happen if our inventions got out of hand and ended up being more powerful than we are?

One of these technological advances, that has caused both excitement and controversy, is Sophia.

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When Mexico shook off its indifference

What were the odds?

In what strange, ironic statistical game would we have guessed that, 32 years after the most terrible earthquake in our country’s history, there would be another one on the very same day, just two hours after the commemorative earthquake drill?

The recent September 19th earthquake caused fear and confusion, shook an already shaken country, hit communities that were just recovering from another earthquake, registered at minutes to midnight just two weeks ago. Thousands of Mexicans mourn today: their school, their malls, their homes, or their loved ones.

However, the recent earthquake also brought out the best in our country.

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