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Who are we?

¿Quiénes Somos?

Babel offers fast, accurate and cost-effective language solutions for the biggest names in world business, and our stellar customer portfolio continues to grow spectacularly day by day. Our equally stellar in-house team is comprised by 60 talented and committed professionals, and reinforced with more than 200 tried and tested freelancers, covering every business activity in every language.

Effective communication is what makes our world tick and, from the very beginning, Babel’s mission has been to build bridges to enable people to understand each other, regardless of language and culture. At Babel we celebrate this diversity as a blessing, as the driving force that will allow us all to grow together, and as the essence of humanity’s true wealth.

It has been heartening to see over the years how hundreds of people – staff, customers, business partners and suppliers – share this vision with us, and our dramatic growth has been largely down to getting these people on board. This outlook and our uncompromising stance on doing things right, based on honesty, integrity and professionalism, have turned us into the most unwaveringly reliable language service provider in Latin America.

So, who are we? We are your strategic ally of choice, the translating agency you can count on when you need a solution that will make the difference. Day in, day out.

How can we help?

The future is redefined with each new day, bringing new decisions, new opportunities and new challenges. A strategic ally who is already ahead of the game can make all the difference.

At Babel, we have mastered the language of the Third Millennium. We understand the need to send accurate information quickly across different languages and cultures. Our professional language solutions have evolved over the years to help you do just that, merging the best human translators with cutting-edge technology to provide speed, quality and cost-effectiveness that get results.

This is what we do on a regular basis for many of the most prestigious names in world business. We build bridges so they can get their message across when they want, how they want and to whom they want. Our customers can focus on steering their business towards a prosperous future, knowing that the task of finding the best solutions for their language needs is in expert hands. 

Contact us, tell us exactly what you need and we’ll provide the tailor-made solution you’re looking for. We look forward to working with you and creating a winning alliance.

Why Babel?

Our vision is of a freely-communicating world in which language barriers are consigned to history. Our language solutions harness state-of-the-art technology and human perfectionism to face the challenges ahead and turn this vision into today’s reality. The secret ingredients are reliability and stability with which we can face the ever-changing world of the future with a solid footing, expertise and the firm conviction that communicative evolution is the only way forward.

Our mission is to accompany you step-by-step on the road to local and international success using the very best human and technological resources available. The importance of effective communication in this process cannot be overstated, and it begins with your very first contact with Babel.

We are seasoned professionals and we get the job done. We specialize in solutions, not excuses.

The privacy and security of your documents are guaranteed from the moment we receive them through to final delivery. This is achieved thanks to our use of encrypted storage servers and point to point encryption for all our internal communications.

Absolute confidentiality for all information. Documents are disclosed on a strictly need-to-know basis to staff members bound by NDAs with Babel, with the additional protection of NDAs between Babel and the customer. Tens of thousands of projects down the line, we have never had a single information leak.

We work in close contact with the customer. More than a service provider, we effectively become your language solutions department that really understands your needs and finds the ideal solution. The key to building the long-standing alliance we enjoy with our customers is unflinching reliability; you will quickly realize that you can always count on us.

Unrivalled speed of response without sacrificing quality. From start to finish, all our resources come into play to maximize the efficiency of the work process and ensure customers get the quality they want in the time they need. We consistently turn around thousands of pages of text in short times with the quality that has become the hallmark of Babe.

The biggest and best native English-language translating team in Latin America. Five teams of highly skilled native Spanish-speaking translators and proofers specializing in every line of business and human activity. Altogether, our in-house team is comprised by 60 talented and committed professionals and supplemented by over 200 tried and tested freelancers.

Getting your message across accurately and on time will infuse you with confidence in your dealings with prospective clients and boost your chances of cashing in on new business opportunities in any part of the world. Our undertaking is to help you get the right message across quickly and decisively.

Unbeatable customer service from your designated Account Manager who will address all your needs quickly and professionally. This person will be right there with you for all your projects, enquiries and needs from start to finish, and will soon feel much more like a close colleague than an external provider.

One of Babel’s distinguishing features is our three-phase quality control process based on internal BBC World Service QC procedures and taken to new heights by merging the very best attributes of technological tools and human experts. Whether it’s Spanish translations you need, or English translations, or just about any language on the planet, we have the solutions you are looking for.

Babel’s professional language solutions will provide your organization with precise, effective and reliable communication with your head office, branches and colleagues abroad, as well as with colleagues, suppliers or associates visiting you from other countries. We will effectively knock down any language barriers within your organization and beyond it.