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Babel provides premier transcription services for video, audio and text in every line of business and in whichever language you need.

Transcription is a piece of cake, right? Are you sure? Our transcribers can in fact stake a good claim to being the unsung heroes of our company. Transcribing hours of video or audio, or reams of text that cannot be made editable using technology, and getting it 100% spot-on every time is quite a heroic feat in itself.

Whether it’s Spanish, English, French or Japanese, absolute concentration and an unblinking eye for all details are the key to this understated skill.

Transcription is sometimes the first stage in a more complex job. For instance, a number of customers have sent us videos or audio in a certain language and asked us to send them the written audio in some other language. So the first step consists of audio transcription followed by the translation of this text into the target language.

It stands to reason that errors in the transcription of audio will almost invariably lead to inaccuracies in the final translation, which means the transcription needs to be done with a great deal of care. Afterwards, the translation of the transcribed text can be used for other things such as subtitling or voiceovers, thereby highlighting the vital importance of the transcription as a raw material for subsequent language services and solutions.

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